Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gurye Traditional Music Festival

While most major cities have canceled their festivals this year do to swine flu concerns, Gurye's Traditional Music Festival - Pansori - will go on! I suppose they figure there just aren't enough people to warrant concern.

Anyways, the math teacher at my school (soon to be vice principal at either my school - replacing the current one - or at another school. It is unclear to me), I was told, is a very good singer who will be participating in the event.

So, after my last class, I was finishing up some notes, alone in the teacher's lounge, when he suddenly began practicing. It frightened me at first, but then I kind of grew fond of it.

The dancing teacher in the video is the gym teacher.

My other Gurye friends and I might go to the festival tonight (Friday), but word on the street is that it's not as fun as it could possibly sound. So, we'll see where we end up.


  1. I have a great idea - he should teach math using his singin! If they can rap the flight safety instructions, why not math in traditional Korean singing. It will keep the kids awake... oh, maybe not after a couple minutes. It was fun listening, although I have no idea what he was singing about. Hopefully there will be some real traditional singing at the festival. It's a very different use of the vocal cords and it takes a LOT of practice to do that. Somewhat weired to a new listener, but the fun is mostly in the words.

  2. Totally funny. I can't imagine that happening here. We're all to uptight or untalented. Have a great weekend.