Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quick Story

Before I post on Cambodia...

I came down with a nasty little head cold on Monday. Today I went to the convenience store next to my apartment to buy some Powerade. It was kind of late, I was feeling really terrible, my nose was running, I was feverish and I was in junky sick-clothes. I got to the checkout where an old man muttered to the cashier in Korean, "Look, she is beautiful!" to which I said, "Thank you. I understand Korean." To which the old man's face lit up and he started saying (border-line shouting) in English, "Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!" as I left the store.

Only in Korea - perhaps really only in small towns like mine - can a little old man (1) call someone looking like I did "beautiful" and (2) make my evening.


  1. Hope you are feeling better, and we all know you are beautiful no matter how you feel or dress. Hope you are having fun in Seoul with your friends. Not to much longer, and you actually have to go back to work???? That will be strange.

    Take care and get some rest.

    Love you
    AS & UJ

  2. Hi Amy- Hope by now your are feeling better. I would say the "old man" has very good taste. You are beautiful and special. Hope you're having fun with Megan and Roni. Give them our best-Love G &G