Friday, July 24, 2009

Camp Fulbright Weekend!

So, our weekend officially has begun. But that does not mean that we are resting. Instead, we are helping out to run the Fulbright English camp. Me and another ETA planned a obstacle course/scavenger hunt for Sunday. It was a lot of work. We have to keep 150 kids between the ages of 12 and 18 occupied for 2 hours. Yikes!

Well, nothing new to post, but we had an awesome sunset tonight. I think some rain is moving in, so we got some sweet clouds. :)

This is the view from my window.

I also uploaded a bunch of pictures to Facebook, so have a look!


  1. We loved your pictures. Thanks for taking such good care of us, Amy!

  2. Amy, I can't find what town your university is in/where you are right now. I know you are waiting for assignment, but exactly where are you now?

  3. Right now we are at Kongwon National University in the city of Chuncheon, South Korea. Here is a map that pictures Chuncheon.