Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Sunny!

Megan, this one's for you. :)

So, it was a very beautiful day spent mostly inside at seminars. Boo. :( Oh well. I spent the evening doing Hanji - a Korean paper art. It actually is just a complicated form of paper mache. Not really my thing. It takes a long time and mostly involves blowdrying your craft. In this case it was a mirror (pictured below).

So I now have a little hand mirror. :) Tomorrow morning we leave for Songnisan and I cannot wait. Even if it rains the whole time, I'm just going to enjoy relaxing. We have the entire day on Saturday to do whatever. I kind of hope to squeeze in some hard core hiking if the weather allows. I will be without internet, so this is probably the last post from me until Sunday morning (States time). Thanks!


  1. Hi Amy,

    Hanji sure sounds like fun. So what do you look like when you look into a paper mirror????? My paper mirror has a picture of Brad Pitt.

    I remember alot of rainy days when I was there. The vidio was great. keep them coming.

    Love George and Sue

  2. Fun Video. I don't know if you've got a knack for impromptu videography or I just love you!!

    Great to see your new home and environment. And especialy great to see your smiling face. Miss you muchos. Mom

  3. Amy, you are to funny. They probably see blond american talking while walking. Oh Boy!! Sounds like you have having a great time. Keep the blog going. I love it!!!!

    Love, Aunt Sandy

  4. Amy-- We oldersters now have been trained in the goodesw of BLOG-- Grandpa and ma

  5. what? our twelve year old crafting antics didn't commit you to the art form for all of time? haha