Sunday, July 5, 2009


One of my fellow ETA's came down with a nasty stomach flu early this morning. So now the entire group is under isolation for 24-hours. We have to eat at special times and cannot leave our rooms to go around campus. We can, however, go to the grocery store off of campus.

I took the language test this morning and will know which class I am in by 7 p.m. I signed up for Hanji - a Korean paper art. Classes start on July 13th. I am looking forward to that. I'm not sure if I should sign up for Taekwondo ( ν„” ꢌ 도 ). I don't really like fighting and punching, but it's a HUGE culture thing in Korea. I guess I'll have some time to think it over. :)


  1. Hi Amy,

    I am impressed that you have posted two articles (what are these called anyway? Bloguettes?) already since you got there! Ah, the energy of youth... Sorry to hear about your quasi-quarantine (since you can go off campus, which seems sort of odd). Hope that ETA is feeling better (ETA? KNA? I will need an acronym decoder). Also sorry that the food is so-so. A typical breakfast in Korea is rice and soup, as you probably have found out by now. When Jaehoon and Tara visited Korea many years ago, they asked me why they ate "dinner" for breakfast.

    As for Taekwondo, I hear that it's a great self-defense tool. Probably not a bad thing to know, although one hopes never to need it.

    We (Majid and I) had dinner with your mom, dad, and Kristin yesterday at your house. We were going to join them at the pool in the afternoon, but the wet, cool weather canceled pretty much everything they had planned for the day. We were there when they received your message. So that was great.


  2. Youngmee--

    I'm so glad you're reading my bloguettes(I like it!). Everyone is feeling fine now. And our isolation is almost over.

    We were told that the campus food is pretty bad, but I still am enjoying a couple of new ventures (like bean soup...I think it's called "mensa.")

    Glad you made the most of a bad-weather day. Mom told me that it was pretty much a bust but that dinner was nice. I'm not craving any American food yet, so that's a good sign!! :)

  3. woohoo for being quarentined! don't get sick now, missy magoo.