Monday, August 10, 2009

Guyre High School - The Details

I just got more information about my school situation. I'm super excited! Dress = Jeans & T-shirt?? How did I luck out like that!? Just to give you an idea, most people teach more than 16 classes and about 500-1,000 students. I am also very thankful for a technology capable school...

Province Jeollanam-do
Location Gurye
School Name Gurye High School
Type Public

Grade levels taught High 1, 2
Hours taught per week Less than 15
Students taught Less than 300
Class contacts per week Three or more
Hours at school per day 7-8
Special advanced class Yes
Own classroom Yes
Taught from textbook Rarely
Created original lessons Frequently
Co-teacher in classroom Rarely
Handled own discipline issues Always
Other staff member handled discipline Never

Attend school on test days Never
Socialized with staff Frequently
Reward system for classroom Frequently
Taught winter break classes No
Daily Attire Casual; jeans and t-shirt
Lunch with teachers Cafeteria
School-provided computer Yes
Operating system Windows XP

Overhead projector Yes
DVD player Yes
Power Point PC Yes
Internet-capable Yes


  1. It seems to me that you got this "independent" "cush" assignment because you impressed them you could handle being on your own. I'm sure you earned this assignment and less luck was involved.

    I was thinking we should find some interesting "American" T-shirts for you that would be a topic of discussion for your class.

    We're so happy that you are happy!!

  2. Great idea about the t-shirts, Julie! And don't worry, Amy, we wouldn't dream of sending you anything too embarrasing (like "Life begins at 40!) :)

  3. jeans and t-shirt... really? Cool. Is this for teachers only or students too?

    I wore uniforms for 12 years until I went to college - pretty much everybody did for middle school and high school. We all had the same hair style starting at middle school and wore pretty much the same style/color shoes. Imagine a room full of (60 or more at times in the classroom) Asian girls (or boys - very fes high schools in the country were co-ed) wearing the same thing looking pretty much the same from head to toe. I am not sure if I can tell kids apart if I were to face a class like that now...

    I guess you could wear a t-shirt with the image of the "free woman" :-) That was a gem.

  4. Your assignment sounds great. We're happy you are so pleased with where you will be staying. WE'll be anxious to hear more about the people who are lucky enough to get you. Love you- Grandma and