Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Address

One more thing: here is my new address:

Myeong-gi Apartment 101-607 Baengyeon-ri 575
Gurye-eup Guyre-gun, Jeollanam-do
(Seoul 542-802)

Or, if you want to practice your Korean:

명지 아파트 101 동 607 호

I'm not sure if the English one was translated correctly; there might be unnecessary information... maybe Youngmee could tell better.


  1. Well, well, well, we are all so glad to hear from you and to hear that you are living and working with Cub's fans. I will have to buy the two boys Cub's tee shirts since none of my nieces or nephews are true Cub fans. There i a Korean player, Koske Fukudome who plays outfield. There are a number of other Korean players in the majors and it is a huge deal for them. Yes, the Cubs may not be the best team in the MLB, but they are still not the worst.

    Sounds like life is settling down, and glad you have what seems like a very happy family to be with.

    Love you,

    Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jeff

  2. The English address looks complete, except that Seoul before the zip code may not be correct (i.e., should not be there)? The Korean one is missing the second line, but I assume that the English address will suffice.

  3. HEY aunt sandy! i'm a Cubs fan!

  4. Your mother wants to know if you will be buying a helmit so you don't injure your pretty little head while riding the moped? :0)

  5. We begin school on Monday as well. Good luck to you! You paint such wonderful visual images with your words, Amy. I very much enjoy reading your blog.
    Dorothy Pisarski
    (don't let my blog logon perplex you - I'm the blogger responsible for my son's high school hockey team)

  6. Hi Amy, me again. Just wanted to correct a few things, as your aunt is an idiot. Fukudome is from Japan, not Korea and I forgot that Kristin is a Cubs fan.

    Careful on the scooter......
    Love ya

  7. I think your zip code is correct. You should not use Seoul because your place is not located in Seoul. It is easier to give the post code so they can find the address and estimatet the cost easily.
    I had a funny story to mail a gift to my sister in Korea once. The post officer put the wrong Nation - North Korea. It took a while to get to my sister.. You need to keep in mind to send the letter/packgage to South Korea (Republic of Korea)...

  8. YongJoo, that is really funny (the story about the North Korea mix up)! Thanks for your help with the address. I'll make that change on the post.

    Thanks everyone for your comments, I enjoy reading them so much!

  9. Yeah.. after I had this funny but a bit upsetting experience(that was my gift for my sister birthday -.-), I always check the postal code before mail something to Korea..

    I did not know you read my message. I got your blog later so I joined a bit late. I will try all possible stories or information about Korean or Korea. I hope they are helpful for you.

    블로그가 참 재미있어요.. 자주 와서 글 남길께요~ ( Your blog is fun. I will visit often to leave my notes).

    Enjoy your time fully there! FYI. I have never been in Gurye. It is a cute place!