Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Day of Summer

It is official, I begin school tomorrow. I ran through my lesson plans, packed my bags with teacher goodies (markers, paper, etc.) and ran through my speech. Yikes, such a big day! I will be sure to post about it.

This morning started off pretty calm. But never let the morning fool you. At about 10 am, I got recruited for a baseball game. It felt pretty odd, being this strange white girl among 7 young Korean boys. I just kind of floated around, as I had NO idea what any of them were saying.

Well, apparently all of my T-ball experience from the first grade paid off, because I held my own in the game. I even smacked a home run. I've never been on this level with boys, so it was a completely new experience. There were a lot of scuffles. Most of which the other boys stopped, but a few where I had to throw myself in. I left a little early (and I think a fight broke out as I did) to meet up with the few, the proud: the other white people in Gurye. Yes. The legend is true. They do exist.

The past ETA left me their names and phone numbers. Thank goodness, I was beginning to think that the girl in the mirror looked funny. I had egg kimbab. Mmm. So good. Next to bibimbop, I think it's my favorite Korean dish.

The unfortunate side of my day is that, between two and a half hours of baseball and another hour of walking around, I got sunburn. Well, I think it stinks, especially since I have school tomorrow and no access to aloe. But my host brothers think it's hilarious. "Amy! Red!" My Oh-nee thinks its because I didn't wear sunglasses. Sometimes, you just have to laugh along at yourself.

The funeral for Kim Dae-jung was today, so I watched that with Oh-nee. It was pretty long, so I fell asleep (playing baseball in the sun catches up to you!). Oops. Topped the night off with some good old-fashioned Korean baseball. The Jeollanam Tigers won, in case you were interested. My family was pretty happy. Okay, time to get my beauty sleep. Hopefully tomorrow my sunburn won't be quite so...bright? :) Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm impressed. We would have never been able to convince you to play baseball at home. Do you have sunscreen? If it's any consolation, I got a bit burned today sitting at the pool and tennis this morning. Don't hurt yourself on the moped. Do you have a helmit. (I'm serious).

  2. Good luck on your first day of school!

    Have you tried dolsot bibimbop? It's bibimbop in the heated stone bowl. That's one of Majid's favorites. Sometimes they just crack an egg into the hot bowl over the bibimbop and it cooks right in there.

  3. Amy, we all knew that tee-ball experience would one day pay off. Good luck with your first day of teaching. We know you will do great.