Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cookie fail

I never should have attempted the cookies. There were a number of things that contributed to my demise including, but not limited to:
  • My mediocre-at-best cooking skill
  • Absence of measuring cups and spoons
  • Absence of a temperature gauge on the oven
  • Absence of cooking sheets (my mom kept asking if I wanted to fry them)
  • Flour laced with rice powder
  • And, best of all, two excited boys insisting on helping every step of the way
I over-estimated on the sugars, so the cookies looked delicious but crumbled right as you picked them up. Never mind, though. That didn't stop my brothers from eating every last crumbly crumb.

The weekend was pretty eventful after the wedding. The dinner bibimbop with my mom and her friends actually turned out to be quite a wild party. Those Lions Club women know how to have a good time. And since I was the special new person, the ahjumma of the group insisted I drink with her with every shot. Don't let her age fool you, she had my head swimming before 7pm. We finished the night with good ol' noraebang. Might I add that none of them actually wanted to sing, but instead wanted on me to sing. Sooooo, yeah. Fun times.

After the wild Lions Club party ended (around 9pm) I went to bed. Sunday was spent in Suncheon with the other English teachers. We went and saw "9." Interesting movie; very action-packed, dark and (thankfully) not dubbed in Korean. I came home, had some dinner and began my cooking quest. Now I'm off to play a few hands of card games with Oh-chahn before lesson-planning like a fiend. Hope you enjoyed the update!


  1. Funny. You are a good sport; I guess you have to be to keep your sanity. I actually was wondering if you had measuring spoons and cups, but figured you had it under control. :0)
    Thanks for sharing. Momma

  2. When I read about the cookie baking plans, I wondered if the oven was baking friendly. We, actually Majid, may have had the same experience/difficulty with the oven at my mom's many years ago. Koreans use the oven mostly for broiling and baking is not done very often, if ever. Well, you did fantastic with what you have. Have a good week!