Monday, September 7, 2009

Days of School

At the third week of teaching (my fourth in Gurye), I would say that I'm starting to get a handle on things. I already am starting to have my "favorite students," "favorite co-workers" and "favorite classes." I've learned a few names from each class (baby steps, right?) and even have my own parking space in the school parking lot. So, as things slow down, I figured I better post some pictures.

Right when you walk in and look to the right

Looking to the left

Looking at the door

Today I was informed that 10% of the student body have serious GI issues. By serious I mean they were pulled out of class today to go to the hospital. So, during the last period today the principal called a faculty meeting. I didn't really know what he said, but I kept hearing the Korean words for swine flu. Ugh. Suddenly everything is the swine flu. Anyways, now the entire healthy student body is disinfecting the school. I haven't really figured out how dousing everything in bleach will help the children with the GI problems, but the faculty seem sold on it. Except for my co-teacher. He just rolled his eyes and said that it was probably something with the water. (The water fountains were shut down today, by the way)

It also reminded me of something that happened on the way back from Daejeon this past weekend. I took a train from Daejeon to Gurye on Sunday afternoon. The way the tickets work, you get an assigned seats. Well, what do you know. My seat is right next to a grouchy-looking ahjumma (아줌마 no good translation...think of a frumpy woman in her 60's who wears brightly patterned sweat pants with brightly patterned shirts with a huge visor). As I sat down, she promptly moved her stuff to a seat across the aisle. Maybe that was her actual seat. Maybe not. But I couldn't help feeling slightly like an outcast. Oh well, never trust ahjummas.

On a lighter note, check out my English Conversation Class' blog. ECC is a special after-school class for advanced speakers. The blog is a semester project and will be updated about once a week. If you think Amy in Korea is funny, just wait until you read the most recent Gurye High School post. My personal favorite is from the "Cons to Plastic Surgery" section:

"[We are against plastic surgery because] After we marry and have a baby, if the baby is not similar to him/her, their spouse will begin to suspect. The divorce rate will increase!"

Okay, that's enough for now. This weekend I am going to wedding #2. This one is in Gurye, so it should be a little different type of wedding. It's a family friend, this time. I'll be sure to keep you posted!


  1. Hi Amy, the classroom looks nice, but I have to ask, who is drawing heart's on the board? You or the students?

    Keep yourself healthy, keep eating that wonderful food, and enjoy the wedding.

    Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jeff

  2. Nice and modern looking classroom - very different from the one I remember where about 60 individual desks were neatly lined up in rows. I am sort of curious to see if your host mom would have you wear jeans to the wedding again :-)