Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?

One Wednesday I taught my English Conversation Club about dating culture in America. Kind of boring for the boys, but the girls loved it. Anyways, to try to cater to the guys' strange sense of humor, I ended class by having the students make pickup lines. Yep. I'm still laughing, and it's Friday night here.

"If being pretty is a guilt, you'll be killed."
"Can you smell something? My heart is burning."
"If I were Amy I give Ara chocolate! (I want chocolate)"
"Let me read your palm."
"Your strong point is you."

This one's long:
"If my eyes is three, I give you one of my eyes. If my arms is three, I give you one my arm. If my legs is three, I give you one my leg. So, I am normal person and you are handicapped person."

"I wish I was your eyes because then I can always see your appearance."
"Hey lady. I think you wear angel mark cloth."
"Do you have glue? I want to attach myself to you."
"My ideal is pretty, beautiful and smart women. But when I stand with you, I completely forget."

See, strange sense of humor. Oh high school-ers.

Thank goodness it's Friday. This town has never seemed so small! Every Wednesday my fellow American-English-Teachers-[stuck]-in-Gurye and I grab dinner and drinks. It's very therapeutic to just talk about life in the country, student woes and co-teacher stories. We are five-strong and very thankful.

But, I have yet to have an evening out on the town without having several encounters with students. Believe me. It's very awkward to talk to students when you have a beer in your hand.

And then I hear about Amy-sightings for the rest of the week. But, hey. At least they're speaking English more! I have a group of first-graders (first year in high school) that are the kind of students that make teachers not want to procreate. I ran into them outside of school once and had a very interesting talk with them on the four different types of beer in South Korea (yep, they have four now). Ever since, they don't give me any trouble in class.

Boys. Go figure.

This weekend I'm taking it easy. There's a nasty cold circulating the school and I caught it, so I'm looking forward to a weekend of not yelling and just relaxing. Tomorrow I am going to Gwangju with one of co-teachers to see Fame. Then Sunday and Monday I am heading about an hour southwest to 고흥 (Goheung) for a birthday party or something. I'm not really sure what it is (once again, lost in the translation), but I get off of school on Monday for it, so I'm not complaining. I've never been to a birthday party that's lasted two days before. Should be interesting. Goheung is where the Korea space center is, so maybe we'll visit. You just never know.


  1. It is very interesting to see the changes that have happened in high school classrooms with the passage of time. My high school memories feel absolutely ancient. Um... I guess they are. I am happy to see the relaxed atmosphere in the pictures and to hear that the kids actually can talk about "pick up lines" in class with the teacher. Sure, what better way to earn the respect of the boys than intelligent discussions on beer and pick up lines? :-)

    Amy at weddings, Amy at birthday parties, what next? Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Wow some of those pick up lines are sweet. Kudos to the kids and the teacher who designed the lesson. Particularly in a country the has arranged marriages. I wouldn't think there would be much use for pick up lines. :0)

  3. I thought those pick up lines were fantastic!