Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Dragonfly

I was sitting in the teachers lounge, doing what I do best (which is looking like I'm busy when I'm actually not) when I heard a buzzing above my head. I look up and saw a dragonfly, trapped in the light. It had somehow lodged itself between the light bulb and the ceiling. No matter how hard it flapped it's little wings it just could not fit through the space to escape. I watched it for a bit; it kept flapping and buzzing. Finally, the thing got tired and quit flapping, only to realize that now, with it's wings closed, it could in fact crawl through the space. It seems stupid, but I couldn't help but think, "Sometimes, you need to stop trying in order to solve the problem."

I'll keep that in mind next time I'm stuck while lesson planning.

The school is putting together some promotional pamphlets for the school (high school is like college here. You apply to high schools, you don't just go to one) and guess who is featured? Yep. Me. So, they took some pictures of a couple of my classes that I thought you would enjoy seeing. :)

I was teaching my advanced club class (the one that blogs) how to make fortune tellers. Yeah, it was a cop-out for not wanting to prepare an actual lesson. Don't judge me.
This one was completely posed

They had fun with it. We did do actual work later, I promise. Haha.


  1. Great job. Anytime you keep their interest, they learn. Enjoyed seeing you in action. And I liked your philosophical advice. It is so true. Some days I find myself thrashing on something, then I go home and have a brainstorm and realize I should have just stood back a little to see the problem in a different light. LOve you!! Mom

  2. You didn't kill the dragonfly! You philosophized!